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SG360 Case Study

Tell me about SG360. What separates SG360 from your competition?

Two years ago when we launched our SG360 brand, we changed the voice and the attitude of our image. We don't just print and mail. We provide strategy and testing and design and printing and finishing and logistics. From the beginning of a concept, to the execution, to logistics, to mailing, to being in the mail box and in the hands of the consumer. Our visual and messaging voice is very different today and we continue to push the envelope.

Also, we are a campus. We are not one building that has plants in other cities 200 miles away that have to ship things back and forth. We are inclusive within three buildings locally for providing the marketing, manufacturing, execution, and delivery. I think that is another thing that separates us from our competition. A lot of other Printers have outside sources for what we do, but we have it all as part of us.

Our tagline is "empirical multi-channel integration", which is the integration of all of the services we offer our customers. I can't think of anything in the direct mail industry that we are not capable of doing.