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Editor GT

Domino Editor GT Windows® XP based controller

With a thousand installations, the latest generation Domino Editor GT Windows® XP based controller has become an industry standard. Editor GT combines data preparation tools with modular solutions for in-line ink jet printing of addresses, personalization, numbers, barcodes and 2D codes. This is combined with integrated machine control of your production line. Any combination of Domino’s range of ink jet printers is supported.

Key ink jet applications include:

  • Stitching
  • Binding
  • Wrapping
  • Folding
  • Addressing & Mailing
  • Inserting
  • Web fed printing
  • Sheet fed printing
  • Plastic card personalization

Addressing Module

The Domino Editor GT meets the needs for addressing and personalization in applications including off/in-line mail table, bindery envelope/inserter and wrapping production lines, and also offers a range of additional options and upgrades in order to meet more advanced requirements.

Database Management

Data files can be received from all commonly available database software packages, including standard ASCII data in both fixed length or comma separated formats. Simple vision tools help guide the operator through formatting and then confirming the data configuration prior to printing.

Mail Sort Control

Options include feeder inhibit, conveyor surge or kicker and stacker control. Stacker control includes options for:

  • Bundles compensation
  • Slow down
  • Reorder
  • Divert

Standard interfaces are available for all leading stacker manufacturers, or the control tools of the controller can be used. When a product is diverted, a line stop can be generated, automatically reorder the replacement as a residue or reorder at the end of the production run.

Multi-position Printing

A product can be tracked over multiple product transport / belt sections with backlash compensation, enabling matching in-line printing in multiple positions for applications such as inside /outside printing on bindery lines.

Selective Control

The controller can provide selective feeder control for insert and signature feeders. This enables a custom product to be produced based on demographic data held within the data file. There are interfaces for a number of leading bindery and wrapping line equipment suppliers.

Camera Matching

The controller can integrate in-line with industry standard barcode, 2D, OCR or RFID readers providing a read, lookup and print functions as well as read and verify. Applications include complete re-confirmation of production integrity and pre-personalized item matching such as on-setting a plastic card with ink jet personalization and on a carrier sheet.

Domino Editor GT Windows® XP based controller


Designed to simplify multiple print head set up for applications on tickets, wrappers, games, business forms and labels, the controller facilitates printing of alpha-numeric, barcode, 2D numbers and graphics for integration on sheet and web fed presses, rewinders and sheeting machines.

User Interface

Data can be supplied externally in the form of a data file, then formatted for printing, or can be generated using the simple user facilities.

Cut and Stack

After defining the sheet layout, number of tickets up and across and ticket book or packing box numbering sequence required, the controller will enable printing of the products in the configuration required. This reduces the manual handling and the risk of processing error.

Production Set Up

Production efficiency is enhanced when changing between jobs and batches, with more complex numbering requirements being simpler and therefore reducing risk of error.

Print Confirmation

The system receives individual signals from each ink jet printer to confirm printing and data sequence. An integrated camera recognition system can be used to confirm print quality and data integrity.


Variable graphic combination can be printed for gaming requirements using a data substitution table.

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