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N610i-R – Digital Retrofit Module


The N610i-R is the newest addition to the Domino digital press portfolio, allowing retrofit integration of Domino’s N610i digital inkjet technology onto your existing flexo platform. This retrofittable platform enables you to turn any modern flexo press into a full hybrid printing press.

Expanding the capability of your existing asset allows for efficiency improvements and waste savings with the utilization of the N610i industry-leading digital inkjet platform.

When integrated into a flexo press, the N610i-R allows you to expand your range of applications while still meeting the benefits of quick turnaround and non-stop production for multiple SKU jobs.

Domino Manufactured UV90 and UV95 Ink Sets

  • Designed to provide superior adhesion with unparalleled resistance to hot and cold temperatures, sunlight, and abrasion to maintain the highest quality through the life of the final product.
  • Dual-bar white provides the highest opacity (at 72%) screen-like, high-impact appearance, but with the operational flexibility of a digital process.
  • UV95 ink set, under the right conditions, is suitable for many nondirect food packaging applications and is compliant with EuPIA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Key Benefits

  • Technology – Piezo drop on demand ink jet.
  • Printing Speed – Up to 50m/min (164ft/min) high quality mode and up to 70m/min (230ft/min) Rapid Mode.
  • Image Resolution – 600dpi native including 4 greyscales (nominal 1340dpi).
  • Image Format – 333mm (13.11" ) maximum print width.
  • Web Width – T200mm (7.9" ) to 340mm (13.4" ).
  • Media Type – Polyethylene, polypropylene and paper self-adhesive label stock and selected unsupported materials (films).
  • Inks – UV90 & UV95 are available in UV curable cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
  • Services – Three phase power - one 380–420V drop and compressed air - one drop @ 6–8 bar (90–115psi), clean and dry.
  • Environment – Optimal temperature range 20–22˚C (68–72°F) / Maximum temperature range 20–25˚C (68–77°F) / Ink storage 20–25˚C (68–77°F) / Optimum humidity range 40–60% / Dust controlled environment preferred.

Domino N610i-r

Hybrid Printing Advantages with the N610i-R

  • Single-pass production solution leverages the advantages of digital inkjet printing, and the flexibility of a traditional flexo press.
  • Combing digital printing with traditional flexo and converting elements opens the door to new opportunities and the ability to win more business.
  • Hybrid presses allow converters to transition more work to digital, reducing plate usage and other high costs associated with flexo production.
  • Hybrid presses can provide labor savings compared to process workflows that utilize multiple steps.
  • Hybrid presses also can eliminate, or greatly reduce work-in-process inventories.