N610i UV Digital Inkjet Printer | Benefits Of Digital Printing Press
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N610i Digital UV Inkjet Label Press


Forget about make-ready time, get ready for make money time! Up to 7 color (CMYKOV+W) digital UV inkjet printing press with superior label manufacturing efficiency and production capacity.  Find out below why we are among the top UV inkjet printer manufacturers around.

What is UV Digital Printing?

UV printing uses ultra-violet lights to dry ink as it is printed. The ink as hit by UV light as it prints, turning the ink from a liquid to a solid almost instantly. This also allows UV digital printing to be very versatile as you can print on almost any medium without damaging it.

Key Benefits of UV Digital Printing

  • Print speed up to 230 fpm (example: print over 1 million 3” x 3” labels in 6 hours).
  • High resolution 600 x 600 native dpi.  
  • Imaging width 13.11”; media width up to 13.4".
  • Achieves 92% of the Pantone range (7-color CMYKOV+W press), plus white has opacity over 70%.
  • Vibrant UV curable inks are designed for a range of industry standard self-adhesive label stocks including coated paper, polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • Applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, security, automotive, health and safety, consumer goods and personal care.
  • The jumbo unwind system with automatic lift gives ease of use to the operator to get rolls of stock quickly on and off the press...up to 39" diameter rolls of stock.  You'll need fewer roll changes, maximizing efficiency. There's an option for in-line finishing as well.
  • The UV ink-only pricing model eliminates many steps, labor and material costs in your production process.
  • No plate making, no sticky back tape, no plate mounting, and no plate inventory.
  • Powered by EskoArtwork, so your prepress is fast and easy. Digitize and print.
  • The easy-to-use Print Queue allows you to go from job to job to job, maximizing uptime.
  • No stoppage is required for image changes. Change SKUs, colors, designs or printer jobs on the fly.
  • Maximize the printer quality with web cleaning, web steering, and corona treating.
  • Kyocera printheads - faster than other inkjet piezo printheads.
  • Superior rendering of small print type, 2D codes, and image detail on the widest range of substrates.
  • No worry of color variations between operators providing you consistency from printer job to job.
  • Limited operator intervention – the N610i has the same best-in-class iTech attributes of CleanCap, ActiFlow, and StitchLink…just like the K600i.
  • Enjoy lower cost of ownership than other digital label printing technology.