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Why Digital?

The need to produce great looking labels that your customers love is still the same today as it was years ago. However today, more variables are at play. More requirements. More challenges. And when you combine your customer needs with your own business revenue and profit initiatives, it’s obvious that the process for completing label printing jobs quickly and efficiently is changing. And changing fast.

Digital Printing Challenges

  • Multiple SKUs or versions required (i.e. flavors, colors, varieties, sizes, etc).
  • Variable data, QR codes, bar codes, sequential numbering required.
  • More information on the label is required (i.e. track and trace).
  • Projects requiring frequent graphic changes (i.e. ingredient labels).
  • Wider range of materials and substrates are being requested.
  • Brand owners want higher quality printing and color consistency.
  • Quicker changeover / less make-ready time is needed for efficiency.
  • Faster throughput to complete the print jobs is needed.
  • Large number of flexo plates, plate mounting, and plate changes are required.
  • Shorter run lengths need to be handled more efficiently.
  • The need to decrease cost, inventory, waste and material.
  • The need to increase print jobs per day and profit-per-job.
  • The need to create opportunities and to go after new business.
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