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iTech Features

iTech features ARE the Domino Difference

Imagine having the capability to produce print jobs like never before!  Imagine speeds that cut down make-ready and processing time while providing unmatched quality to your customers.  Domino specializes in engineering innovative digital printing solutions that are designed to maximize throughput and efficiency while minimizing operator intervention and printer downtime.  We do this to provide you with best-in-class products as well as allow you to generate new business and increase your profits.  It’s all part of the Domino Difference.

At the heart of the Domino Difference are the iTech intelligent features that are found within the Domino N610i color digital label press and Domino K600i digital flatbed UV inkjet printer.    

StitchLink - Automated Stitching of Printheads

StitchLink provides seamless printing across the entire print bar.  Automated printhead alignment & image stitching is achieved through micro-motor controller technology. StitchLink offers easy and accurate set-up, and there is no manual stitching of printheads.  That translates into fast make-ready, less material waste, and excellent printer quality. You can print seamless alpha-numerics, logos, graphics, and 100% scannable “Grade A” verifiable bar codes.

CleanCap – Automated Printhead Cleaning & Capping

CleanCap is an automated, servo-driven cleaning and capping station that is a controlled process.  When not in operation, the print head is automatically moved into the CleanCap station where the head is wiped and capped ready for the next use.  This intelligent feature eliminates the need for your operators to manually clean the printhead. Not only does this dramatically reduce the risk of print nozzle blockages, but since it is an automated process, less human intervention is needed.  This eliminates the potential for damaging printheads.  CleanCap provides efficiency and maximizes printer uptime.

ActiFlow - Ink Optimization System

This pressurized recirculation system ensures uv ink is always moving around the printhead even when the printhead is in the home position and not actively printing. ActiFlow helps to prevent air bubbles from forming which could impact nozzle performance, and it allows for filtering of the ink to catch debris, it controls the ink temperature therefore contributing to better ink flow, and it provides better print quality and prolonged printhead life.  More time is spent on printing and less is spent on maintenance.