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Ax-Series Printer

The Ax-Series Printer has been designed to offer a fast, reliable and high quality printing solution that integrates seamlessly into new and existing production equipment used in the Mailing, Binding, Games Management, Finishing, Tickets Tags and Labels, and Postal Systems industries.

High Reliability

  • Automatic Printer with a self-cleaning cycle on shutdown which guarantees the print head stays unobstructed
  • Ink reservoir eliminates printer line stops for refills and guarantees consistent print quality
  • Intelligent printer system design allows the product to perform in a wide range of printer environments, minimizing the effects of temperature, humidity and dust
  • Maximum productivity with minimal operator intervention

Simple Operation

  • Quick and easy one button start/stop process for immediate printer operation.
  • Intuitive control and data entry software including topic keys and full size keyboard and display


  • Developed to integrate seamlessly into existing production lines and controllers
  • Prints high quality text, barcodes, and logos at variable speed

High Quality Print

  • Printhead technology provides better drop placement producing high quality print
  • Barcodes compliant to UCC/EAN and ITF-14 standards
  • Near letter quality, free-flowing, curved characters with FreeForm printhead and software option
  • Micro printing with Pinpoint printer head
  • Offers unique printer codes for anti-counterfeit purposes
  • Traverse printer systems enable greater flexibility when coding across the product flow
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