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BitJet+ Digital Printer

Domino Bitjet is the most innovative and versatile in-line digital printer for high-speed webs, folder gluers, bindery, stitching and packaging applications.

Binary Printing

Domino's Binary technology has been developed to offer extremely fast, consistent printing that sets the industry standard in quality and is easily integrated into new and existing lines. The Bitjet+ binary printer uses 256 continuous streams of ink to print high-resolution text and images at very high speed.

How it Works

The basic principle of Binary printing is similar to that of Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printing: tiny drops of ink are deflected in flight by an electrostatic field. It differs from Continuous Ink Jet in the use of the voltage on the print drop and the subsequent deflection of that drop.

With Binary printing, an array of 256 individual jets of ink is used within a 2 1/8” inch print height. A charge electrode applies a charge to the ink drop, which is deflected. When no charge is applied, the drop is not deflected. The ink drops that are charged and are deflected into the gutter. The uncharged drops are not deflected by the high voltage field and fall onto the substrate for printing. Because uncharged drops are used for printing, optimum print quality and speed can be achieved.

Key Benefits

  • Prints the IM Bar Code for postal regulations.
  • Prints QR codes, 2D codes, addressing, personalization, and graphics, and offers the ability to select all fonts from Adobe and Windows library.
  • Prints variable data up to 1,800 fpm.
  • Prints up to 2 1/8" tall, doubling the print height capability of older technology.
  • Print resolution from 60 to 240 dpi
  • Prints in any orientation, so it’s flexible and easy-to-integrate.
  • Prints onto a wide range of materials including poly, plastic cards, full UV flood, and more with a solvent-based, quick-drying ink.
  • Print throw distance. The substrate is good even 1/4" from the head.
  • 12-month warranty eliminates the repair and maintenance costs you have with your current system by replacing it with the Bitjet+.