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Why N610i?

Whether you run flexo and are considering your first digital label press, or you're already using digital and are ready to take it to the next level, the Domino N610i simply doesn't play fair. It offers the highest digital productivity, the best digital UV inkjet quality, the most consistent print results, and a simple operating model.

Just like you, our customers are looking for ways to accelerate printing capabilities, and the Domino N610i delivers just that. Under the hood, the N610i has a very simple web path making it user-friendly and efficient. Our customers rave about the uptick they've seen in performance while offering a short-term learning process for operators with limited experience.

Aside from quick speeds and usability, high-quality prints are not lost in the shuffle. The resolution is crisp and clear, always leaving our clients blown away. In the past, printers had to wrestle with a few characteristics when it came to choosing a printer. One might feature blazing speed while lacking in print quality. Or, another might give consistent, clean prints, but the operating process is unpredictable with constant issues for newer press operators.

The Domino N610i delivers all three of those characteristics, speed, quality, and usability, in spades guaranteeing that your digital printing experience simply cannot be beaten. With its high-end capabilities, you can expect to see opportunities roll in when customers see what the N610i (and now your company) can offer.

Unfair advantages give you the digital printing edge

  • High-quality mode: print up to 164 fpm / 9,800 linear feet per hour (CMYKOV + W)
  • Rapid production mode: print up to 246 fpm / 14,700 linear feet per hour (CMYK)
  • Extended color gamut covers over 90% of the Pantone® range
  • Outstanding color consistency and repeatability
  • High opacity white that is "screen-like" without the cost, waste, and mess
  • Roll-to-roll or inline finishing
  • Change SKUs, colors, images, print jobs on the fly
  • No plate making, plate mounting, or plate changes
  • Automated cleaning and capping of the printheads
  • 600 x 600 dpi native resolution
  • Ink-only model; no click charges
  • UV ink; highly durable, chemical and moisture resistant
  • Prints on standard flexo materials, many without the need to pre-coat
N610i next to command keyboard panel